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Email marketing can be a powerful tool for connecting with customers and driving business results. However, creating effective email campaigns takes thought and effort. This is where AI assistants like Claude can help.

Claude’s advanced natural language capabilities make it easy to generate high-quality email marketing copy. With the right prompts, Claude can craft compelling subject lines, preview text, calls-to-action, and more.

In this post, we’ll share 50 of the best Claude prompts for email marketing. These prompts leverage Claude’s strengths to produce copy that engages subscribers and gets results.

Craft Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first impression your email makes. A compelling subject motivates subscribers to open and take action. Here are Claude prompts to create engaging subject lines:

1. Write an email subject line to promote a 50% off sale for returning customers:

Claude: Welcome Back! Get 50% Off Your Next Purchase

2. Generate an urgent subject line for an email promoting the last day of a flash sale:

Claude: Last Chance! Flash Sale Ends in 24 Hours

3. Create a benefit-focused subject line for an abandoned cart recovery email:

Claude: Complete Your Purchase and Get Free Shipping!

4. Write a curiosity-inducing subject line promoting a webinar:

Claude: The Secret to 10x Sales is…(Find Out in Our Webinar)

5. Generate a time-sensitive subject line for an event invitation email:

Claude: 5 Days Left to RSVP for Our Annual Conference

Write Snappy Preview Text

Preview text gives readers a teaser of what your email contains. Effective preview copy entices subscribers to read more. Here are prompts for preview text:

6. Write preview copy for a Black Friday promotion email:

Claude: This Black Friday, we’re offering our biggest discounts ever. Save up to 75% on select products for 24 hours only!

7. Generate preview text promoting a limited-time discount code:

Claude: We’re offering 50% off your first order with code CYBERWKND. But this code expires Monday, so shop now!

8. Create benefit-focused preview text for an email announcing a new product line:

Claude: We just launched our eco-friendly line of household cleaners. Safer for you, gentler for the planet. Learn more!

9. Write preview copy highlighting key points for a “state of the business” company email:

Claude: Revenue up 15%, new partnerships formed, major milestone reached. Our future is bright. See highlights from the CEO.

10. Generate urgency-building preview text for a retention promotion email:

Claude: We miss you! Use coupon WELCOMEBACK by Friday to get 25% off your next order.

Craft Persuasive Calls-to-Action

Your CTA gives readers clear direction on what you want them to do. Well-written CTAs boost conversions. Use these prompts for CTAs that drive action:

11. Generate a CTA for an email promoting a seasonal sale:

Claude: Shop The Season’s Biggest Sale

12. Write a CTA for a back-in-stock notification email:

Claude: Grab It Before It’s Gone Again

13. Create a CTA for a coupon promotion email:

Claude: Claim Your Coupon: 50%OFF

14. Generate a CTA for an email promoting a live webinar:

Claude: Save Your Seat for the Webinar

15. Write a CTA for an email announcing a new loyalty rewards program:

Claude: Join Rewards Now

Create Value-Driven Email Body Copy

When writing your email body copy, focus on communicating real value to subscribers. Demonstrate how your content will help or entertain them. Here are prompts to produce engaging email body copy:

16. Generate copy for a “welcome” onboarding email:

Claude: Welcome! We’re so glad you joined. Here’s a quick walkthrough of our key features to help you get the most value out of your membership.

17. Write body copy for an email announcing a seasonal sale:

Claude: Our biggest sale of the season starts Friday! Get ready to save up to 60% on our fall collection. These major discounts won’t last long so shop early for the best selection. Browse our top picks inside.

18. Create copy for a monthly company newsletter:

Claude: Here’s what’s been happening at [company] this month: [list 3-4 key events, product launches, company news, etc.]. Check out the details in this newsletter issue. We love keeping you in the loop!

19. Generate copy introducing a new loyalty program:

Claude: We appreciate your business so much that we created an exclusive rewards program just for loyal customers like you. Learn how our new loyalty program gets you access to members-only perks, free bonuses, and more!

20. Write copy announcing a product recall or safety notice:

Claude: At [company], your safety is our top concern. We recently discovered a potential issue with select units of [product name] that may pose a risk to customers. Please discontinue use and follow the instructions inside this email to receive a full refund or replacement. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Increase Engagement with Interactive Content

Interactive content like polls, surveys, quizzes and calculators boost engagement. Use these prompts to integrate interactive elements into your emails:

21. Generate copy for an email quiz:

Claude: How much do you really know about our products? Take this 5-question quiz to test your knowledge and be entered to win a $100 gift card!

22. Write copy announcing the results of a customer satisfaction survey:

Claude: Last month we asked for your feedback on how we’re doing. See the survey results and what changes we’re making based on your input inside.

23. Create copy for an email poll:

Claude: We’re trying to decide on our next product special edition design. Vote in our poll to tell us whether you prefer the blue color scheme or the green one.

24. Generate a savings calculator integration for a Black Friday promotion:

Claude: This Black Friday, save more when you shop with us. Use our savings calculator to add up your potential discounts before you shop!

25. Write copy integrating an ROI calculator into a product launch email:

Claude: See how our new [software] pays for itself in just months with the ROI calculator inside this exclusive product launch email. Calculate your potential cost savings now.

Promote Your Best Content

Content upgrades like ebooks, guides and webinar replays offer value. Promote them in emails to nurture leads. Here are prompts to highlight great content:

26. Generate copy promoting a lead magnet in an onboarding email sequence:

Claude: Now that you’ve joined, download this free guide to get the most out of your membership and accelerate your success. Tips inside!

27. Write copy for a blog post roundup email:

Claude: Missed any of our top blog posts last month? We’ve rounded up all our most popular articles in one email so you can catch up.

28. Create copy promoting an educational webinar replay:

Claude: Grow your skills with our recent “Mastering [Topic]” webinar replay. Watch on-demand and get access to the slide deck.

29. Generate copy promoting a new lead magnet in an nurture email:

Claude: Get our hot-off-the press lead magnet! Our new “Beginner’s Guide to [Topic]” shares our pro tips for starting out strong. Download now to shortcut your learning curve.

30. Write copy highlighting a new edition of a popular content upgrade:

Claude: Our “2022 Guide to [Topic]” got a complete refresh for 2023. Grab the new edition for the latest trends, data and strategies.

Offer Exclusive Discounts

Limited-time discounts and coupon codes encourage prompt action. Offer special savings in dedicated promo emails or short discount campaigns. Here are some ideas:

31. Generate copy for an email that introduces a first-time customer promo code:

Claude: We think anyone who tries our products will love them. Use code NEWUSER at checkout to get 25% off your first order and see for yourself!

32. Write a birthday coupon promo email:

Claude: Happy Birthday! Here’s a coupon for $10 off your next order with us. Valid for the next 7 days – treat yourself to something nice!

33. Create a back-to-school coupon email:

Claude: School’s back in session! Use code LEARNING to save 15% on your purchase today to stock up for the new year.

34. Generate a cyber week coupon email:

Claude: Cyber Week Special! Use code CYBER15 to take 15% off everything on our site. Expires Friday so shop now!

35. Write an email promoting a seasonal clearance sale:

Claude: It’s our biggest clearance sale of the year! For a limited time, take an extra 40% off all sale items using code CLEAR40. Massive savings ahead!

Reward Loyalty

Showing loyalty perks motivates engagement over the long-term. Here are prompts for loyalty reward emails:

36. Generate copy announcing renewal rewards:

Claude: Thanks for another year! To show our appreciation for your continued membership, we’ve added bonus rewards to your account like discounted upcoming events and free merch.

37. Write an email with updated loyalty tier benefits:

Claude: You just reached Gold Status in our rewards program! Check out the expanded benefits you now have access to as a Gold member.

38. Create a gestured-based rewards email:

Claude: We noticed you’re close to reaching Platinum Status. Complete 3 more purchases this month to unlock higher discounts, free expedited shipping, and more exclusive perks!

39. Generate a prompt for a special loyalty member giveaway entry:

Claude: Diamonds are a rewards member’s best friend! All Diamond Status members are automatically entered to win a $500 gift card in this month’s giveaway.

40. Write a VIP access email:

Claude: Your loyalty paid off! As a Diamond member, you now get early access to our Black Friday deals before everyone else. Details inside.

Promote Events and Webinars

Email is perfect for driving event and webinar registration. Use these prompts:

41. Generate copy announcing an upcoming webinar:

Claude: Mark your calendar! [Webinar topic] on [date] at [time]. Seating is limited so RSVP now via the link inside to reserve your virtual seat.

42. Write a reminder email for an event deadline:

Claude: Friendly reminder – sign up for our annual conference ends Friday! Register at the early bird price and get access to exclusive bonuses.

43. Create copy promoting virtual summit access:

Claude: Our [Topic] Virtual Summit kicks off next week! Check out the 20+ sessions and reserve your all-access virtual pass today.

44. Generate a prompt to promote a seasonal sale event:

Claude: Our biggest warehouse sale event of the year happens next weekend! Get early access as a rewards member. RSVP now for details.

45. Write copy recapping a past webinar and sharing the replay:

Claude: Missed last week’s webinar on [Topic]? Watch the replay on-demand now to catch up on the tips you missed!

Share Company News and Updates

Email is a direct line to customers. Keep them engaged by sharing company news.

46. Generate copy announcing new leadership:

Claude: Please join us in welcoming [Name] as our new [Position]! Read [his/her] bio and learn more about what’s next for our company.

47. Write copy highlighting business awards or media coverage:

Claude: We’re over the moon! [Company] was just recognized as [Industry’s] Top Company for 2022 by [Award/Media Outlet]. Check out the details!

48. Create copy announcing a new office, location, or facility:

Claude: We’re growing! To better serve our customers, we’ve opened a new state-of-the-art [office/location] in [City]. Learn more about this expansion!

49. Generate copy announcing a charity partnership:

Claude: Giving back is important to us. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with [Charity Name]. Learn how we’re working together to [share mission].

50. Write copy recapping yearly company results:

Claude: As we close out 2022, a look back at some of the highlights from the past year: [list 3-4 major company wins, achievements, milestones, etc.]. We owe our success to you! Here’s to an even better 2023.

We hope these 50 email marketing prompts give you ideas for leveraging Claude AI to create stellar email campaigns. Let us know if you have any other prompts you’d like us to share in the future!