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Want more streams without buying fake followers? Run targeted ads on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube instead. This attracts real fans to organically play your songs.

Why Social Media Ads are Better Than Buying Plays

  • 100% safe and allowed by Spotify, unlike illegally inflated numbers
  • Attract real interested listeners who engage with your music
  • Build lasting fans who stay loyal and share your songs
  • Gain new followers on your socials and Spotify profile
  • Get valuable data into your target audience from ad analytics
  • Complete control over your budget and targeting options

Optimizing Your Ad Campaigns

Focus your ad targeting on music fans who are likely to enjoy your genre:

Location Targeting

  • Target local fans if you play gigs in specific cities
  • Otherwise focus on countries where your genre is most popular

Interest and Age Targeting

  • Select relevant interests like “hip hop music”, “rock music fan” etc
  • Aim ads at the typical age brackets for fans of your style

Social Media Targeting

  • Target followers of artists with a similar sound to reach those already engaged with that music
  • Make sure to highlight your genre in ad copy to attract right fans

Driving Spotify Plays with Ads

Craft your visuals, copy and landing page to lead fans to start playing your songs:

  • Show off your best song art in eye-catching video and display ads
  • Use hook-filled headlines focused on your genre – “Fans of [X genre] will love this track”
  • Link to a landing page on your website highlighting your top Spotify tracks
  • Or link directly to your Spotify profile or a relevant playlist
  • Offer an incentive like exclusive song downloads in exchange for follows
  • Retarget engaged users across devices to drive more plays

Growing real engaged fans takes patience and testing. But social ads are a smart way to authentically increase Spotify plays.

Key Takeaways

  • Run social media ads targeted to music fans instead of buying fake plays
  • Optimize targeting by interests, locations, ages and similar artists
  • Drive real streams by showcasing your songs in ads and sending users to Spotify
  • Nurture new followers with retargeting and incentives for more plays

Focus on attracting genuine listeners who’ll stay loyal. Leave shortcut gimmicks like fake plays to others.