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Constantly producing fresh, compelling website content is crucial but challenging for businesses today. Claude 2’s advanced AI can generate custom text tailored to your brand when given the right prompts.

To leverage Claude 2 for all your content needs, here are the top 25 prompts categorized by content type:

Claude 2 Prompts For Blog Posts

  1. 500-word introductory post about your company, products, and value proposition with keywords.
  2. 600-word comparison post contrasting your product against top 3 competitors and highlighting differentiators.
  3. 900-word “Ultimate Guide to ____” your industry with subheadings – helpful and engaging.
  4. 700-word article with 10 actionable tips for optimizing use of your product – educational.
  5. 900-word industry trends and predictions post that’s interesting and authoritative.
  6. 800-word article debunking the top 5 myths about your product category.
  7. 500-word criteria post for determining when a customer needs your product.
  8. 900-word deep dive on the evolution of your industry over the past decade.

Claude 2 Prompts For Social Media Content

  1. 150-word compelling snippet to capture attention and drive website traffic.
  2. 400-word self-contained post with data/visuals – highly shareable.
  3. 10 creative, engaging social media captions under 125 characters for your new product.

Claude 2 Prompts For Website Pages

  1. 300-word “Why Us” snippet highlighting your differentiators.
  2. 600-word CEO profile article for engaging About Us page.
  3. 500-word About Us page building trust through your team, experience and values.
  4. 300-word satisfied customer snippet praising your company/product.

Claude 2 Prompts For Advertising Content

  1. 150-word call-to-action banner ad to convince visitors to click to sales page.
  2. 150-word call-to-action email capture popup/banner text.

Claude 2 Prompts For Guidance Content

  1. 300-word FAQ explaining your product’s features/benefits.
  2. 1000-word guide to your product – features, pricing, comparisons.
  3. 700-word step-by-step process article on using your product with visuals.
  4. 900-word listicle with 30 tips for maximizing success with your product.
  5. Engaging 100-word answers to 10 frequently asked product questions.

Claude 2 Prompts For Press Releases

  1. 600-word press release announcing your latest product feature.

Claude 2 Prompts For SEO Content

  1. Optimized meta descriptions and titles for 10 key website pages.
  2. Optimized page titles/meta descriptions for important landing pages.


Categorizing Claude 2 prompts by content type allows you to efficiently create a diverse range of engaging, high-quality copy to attract your audience. Combine Claude’s AI capabilities with these prompts to establish a winning content strategy.