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What We Do

As a company specializing in helping music artists get more streams on Spotify and iTunes, we offer targeted ad campaigns that can help build an artist’s brand online quickly and organically without resorting to fake plays or botted playlists. Here’s a detailed explanation of our services and how they can benefit up and coming artists:

Targeted Ad Campaigns

We use a variety of advertising techniques to reach the right audience for each artist. This includes targeting specific demographics, interests, and geographic locations to ensure that our ads are seen by the people most likely to enjoy the artist’s music. By doing so, we can drive organic traffic to the artist’s streaming profiles on Spotify and iTunes, which leads to more streams, followers, and ultimately, revenue.

Organic Growth

Our services are designed to help artists grow their brand organically without resorting to fake plays or botted playlists. This means that the streams and followers an artist receives are from real people who genuinely enjoy their music. This not only helps to build credibility and trust with fans, but it also helps to avoid the potential negative consequences that can come from using fake plays or botting services.

Customized Strategy

We understand that each artist is unique and requires a customized approach to their online marketing strategy. That’s why we take the time to understand each artist’s brand, goals, and target audience to create a tailored ad campaign that will help them achieve their objectives. By taking this personalized approach, we can ensure that each artist receives the best possible results.

Why You Should Work With DSR

Overall, up and coming artists should choose our services to build their brand because we offer a proven and effective approach to growing their streaming numbers and fanbase. By leveraging our expertise in online advertising, we can help artists get discovered by a wider audience and build a sustainable career in the music industry. Our focus on organic growth and a customized approach ensures that each artist receives the best possible results, without resorting to unethical or unsustainable tactics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

This is a service where we run your Facebook/Instagram/TikTok ad campaign to promote your music on streaming services for you. If accepted there will be a 1-hour onboarding call for us to get access to your Ad Account(s), landing page service and establish viewer access on Spotify for Artists (or whichever platform we’re focusing on).

If we’re doing things on our own accounts instead of yours we can still have a call to discuss strategy, make sure we have any additional access we need to run your campaign. On this call we’d also make sure we have all the video assets we need and understand what you want to accomplish.

Price quotes are based on creating the campaigns and managing them for 4 weeks. For larger campaigns longer durations may be included or may cost extra. When we reach out to you we’ll give you a more exact quote based on your specific needs.

Do I need anything beforehand?

For the most part, aside from music, nope. It’s great if you already have a Facebook Business Manager account, ad account and pixel setup already, but we can set all of this up for you on the onboarding call.

If you want us to run things through your accounts (ad account, pixel, social channels) you will need a personal Facebook account. We typically like to run the ads through YOUR Business Manager accounts, and through the artist’s social media channels. This means YOU own the data and the artist gets the social growth.

If this is impossible for you, or you just don’t care, we can offer alternatives, such as running ads through our social channels. If we run the ads through our channels you’ll also need to transfer us the ad funds, if it’s through your channels it comes directly out of your credit card to Facebook.

We highly recommend you have high-quality visual assets. Performance videos, lyric videos, music videos, social media content showing the artist etc. We can create assets for you, for a fee, but it likely won’t perform as well as great content straight from the artist / label.

Is there a commitment? Refund Policy?

There is no commitment in terms of timeframe unless otherwise stated. We’ll give you a quote for a specific campaign and that will have a timeframe associated with it. If you’re looking to work with us long-term we can make you an offer that reflects that, and in that case there would be a commitment.

Since this is a service there are no refunds. However we understand sometimes campaigns have to pivot and you may need to reduce your ad spend dramatically or stop work early. We’ll treat those situations on a case-by-case basis and may offer a partial refund depending on the situation.

Can you promise a certain amount of results?

Unfortunately no. The only thing we can really promise is that we’ll try our best to make your ad campaign perform as great as possible. In the past we’ve had $500 campaigns generate over 500,000 streams, but we’ve also had $2,000 campaigns only generate 50,000 streams.

The performance of a campaign is dictated by many variables, including the song quality, video quality, specific markets chosen, marketability of the song, time of year and more.

Keep in mind that most of the streams generated by a campaign happen after the campaign ends. This type of campaign has a long tail to it and you should see benefits from it months or even years down the line.

How will we communicate?

When starting we’ll have an onboarding call to make sure we have all the access and assets we need. Aside from that we’ll be communicating via email.

If an emergency comes up and we need to hop on Zoom we’ll do that for free. But aside from that if you prefer to have regular Zoom tag-ups throughout the campaign we can do that for an additional fee. When you fill out the form above at the end let us know how often you’d want to tag up and we’ll include that in your quote.

Who is running my ads?

The person that handles onboarding and runs your campaigns will be chosen based on your needs, your budget and our team availability.

For complex campaigns you may have multiple people assigned to your project. Additionally as a team we communicate and brainstorm ways to make your campaign as great as we can.

How Much Will This Cost?

Our minimum fee to run your ad campaign is $450.
Your minimum Facebook ad budget must be at least $500.

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