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Why You Should Avoid Buying Fake Streams and Followers On Spotify & Apple Music

  • It violates terms of service and risks account suspension or banning
  • Creates only vanity metrics without real listening happening
  • Damages credibility once fans realize your numbers are inflated
  • Waste of money for no long-term gains

Organic Tactics to Get More Followers and Streams

Optimize Your Artist Profile

  • Professional profile pic and cover art
  • Write an intriguing bio sharing your musical identity
  • Link to your other social media accounts

Release Music Consistently

  • Keep fans engaged with frequent song/EP releases
  • Promote new music heavily, especially upon launch
  • Double your catalog with alternate “stripped down” versions

Collaborate with Similar Artists

  • Cross-promote by sharing each other’s new releases
  • Guest feature on each other’s songs
  • Jointly promote your collaborations across social media

Interact with Your Audience

  • Reply to comments on your songs, old and new
  • Join discussions related to your genre on streaming platforms
  • Ask fans to share your music with friends

Run Contests and Giveaways

  • Offer prizes for following, sharing, adding songs, etc.
  • Require actions like tags, reposts for contest entry

Promote Your Music with Targeted Social Media Ads

Choose Your Platforms

  • Facebook and Instagram ads to reach the largest audiences
  • YouTube ads work very well for music promotion too
  • Consider platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, TikTok as well

Dial in Your Targeting

  • Locations where your genre is popular
  • User interests related to your style of music
  • Followers of similar artists and bands
  • Typical age brackets of your target fans

Design Compelling Ad Creatives

  • Bright, bold visuals showing off your branding
  • Hook-filled headlines focused on your genre
  • Video ads with snippets of your top songs

Drive Clicks to Your Spotify Profile and Playlists

  • Send traffic to a landing page highlighting your songs
  • Link directly to your Spotify profile or a relevant playlist
  • Offer an incentive for new followers like free song downloads

Retarget Engaged Users

  • Keep ads visible to users who’ve already shown interest
  • Remind them to keep streaming your new releases

With patience and testing, you can build lasting audiences who genuinely enjoy your music. Avoid shortcuts and invest in organic connections with real fans!