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Every artist wants more Spotify plays. But you should think twice before buying streams and followers from shady providers. There are smarter organic strategies to get real listeners.

Why Buying Spotify Plays Damages Your Reputation

It’s tempting to take shortcuts and simply buy plays, streams and followers. But artificially inflating your numbers will backfire.

  • Spotify punishes artists for fake engagement, potentially even banning you. It violates their terms.
  • Savvy fans recognize when your stats are manipulated. This destroys your credibility.
  • There’s no real listening happening. You end up with vanity metrics but zero connection with actual fans.

Stick to legit growth tactics, even if it takes longer. Protect your integrity as an artist.

Organic Ways to Get More Spotify Plays

While buying streams offers quick wins on paper, you end up sacrificing long-term growth. Here are effective organic alternatives:

Optimize Your Spotify Profile

  • Have an eye-catching profile pic and cover art with strong branding.
  • Write an intriguing bio that shares your musical identity and story.
  • Link your Instagram and other socials so fans can follow you elsewhere.

Release Music Consistently

  • Keep your audience engaged by releasing fresh tracks often – EPs, singles, remixes etc.
  • Promote new releases heavily upon launch when interest is highest.
  • Release “stripped down” alternate versions of songs to double your catalog.

Collaborate with Similar Artists

  • Do cross-promotions with artists in your genre to tap into each other’s fanbases.
  • Guest feature on their songs and vice versa to introduce yourself to new listeners.
  • Jointly promote your collab releases by sharing each other’s posts.

Interact with Listeners

  • Reply to all comments on your songs, new and old. Show you appreciate the support.
  • Jump into relevant Spotify playlist and artist discussions within your niche.
  • Ask fans to share your music with friends who’d enjoy it too.

Run Contests and Giveaways

  • Offer merch, music downloads or concert tickets to top new followers and playlist adders.
  • Require tagging friends, follows and reposts for giveaway entry – all of which also spreads your music.

Slow organic growth creates real fans who engage long-term. Avoid shady shortcuts – invest in your craft and community for a lasting career.

Key Takeaways

  • Buying Spotify plays risks bans and destroys your credibility with zero real listeners gained.
  • Optimize your profile, release consistently, collaborate, interact with fans and run contests.
  • Organic tactics earn you real listeners who’ll support you long-term.
  • Stay patient growing legitimately – your skills and music community are what count most.

Let your talents speak for themselves. Buying streams leads nowhere. But organic growth powered by great music builds real careers.